Boudoir Fees:


Feel free to bring along a girlfriend for your comfort, as well as helping you look your best. I welcome this for lots of different reasons.

The preferred location for these types of shoots is one of the more luxurious hotels in our great state, which you can choose and is an extra cost to your session.  I can recommend several that I have used in the past that you would be very pleased with.  Just ask.  The price of the room is added to the package you choose.

NOTE:  When you hire me for my services, the photos taken are YOURS, and YOURS ALONE!  I will not post, or otherwise use ANY of the photos for any purpose without your EXPRESS WRITTEN permission.  The Agreement you will sign prior to our session will state this, and I'll be signing it myself.

If you are selected to be featured in one of our publications, a discount will be given towards your next shoot, and a different contract/release will be signed by everyone.

I offer 3 different packages that range from $200-$400, which is in addition to the room charge and includes a set of prints from your shoot.  Email me for the details.